Patience is an investor's best advantage.

Protecting your capital should be the first priority; best done with a selective approach, on only stocks that are screaming buys.


The Asset Allocation Newsletter for Patient Investors.


Compound Interest Should Work for Investors and Not on Advisors, or ETFs, or Managers

This means that as your portfolio grows, as Dave's recommendations provide you compounding wealth, the fee for this service remains flat. 

Your bottom-line return to your portfolio scales while the price you pay for the research stays the same, until it becomes insignificant. 

A serious deal for investors managing serious wealth. 

Dave could charge much more for his asset allocating service, but instead chooses to charge a flat $49 per month

With a subscription to Fat Pitch Fundamentals, you receive a monthly issue straight to your inbox, with the latest recommendation for following the model portfolio. Subscribers receive full access to the newsletter issue archive, with buy up-to valuations on every stock in the portfolio

Each issue comes with instructions on how to build a portfolio to match the FPF Model Portfolio, without sacrificing returns from overpaying on the fantastic opportunities which have already resulted in significant gains for past subscribers. 

And with the help of the reports sent to subscribers by Andrew Sather, covering the developments of the major currencies, and the industry and geographical composition of the S&P 500, Dave analyzes the market and manages his equities/bonds mix accordingly

All along, waiting for only the most obvious, fat pitch opportunities in the market.


Industries are in a constant state of disruption, affecting profit margins and growth, and should be watched.


Mounting government deficits and spending make tracking USD vs Gold and other major currencies critical.


The secular move to globalization has resulted in significant portions of revenue now sourcing from overseas.

His focus:  A balanced asset allocation approach for reducing volatility, while patiently waiting for the fat pitch opportunities in the stock market.

Dave Ahern
Portfolio Manager

 His focus: Publishes the USD report and S&P 500 Industry and Geography reports. Challenges the valuations to strive for optimal performance.

Andrew Sather
Deputy Editor

Demand the finest businesses, and leave a lasting impression.


The Asset Allocation Newsletter for Patient Investors.




We all have to make critical investment decisions in our lifetime. You have one right in front of you, because it can shape every result from here on out.

Successful, wealthy people often point to the habits and lifestyle decisions that created their incredible successes and boundless wealth.

This moment, right here, can define your trajectory too.

It was the investors who hitched their carts to other great investors who have made millions of dollars, just by trusting in the right mentors and professionals.

And what's the price you put on of the rest of your financial future?

An average financial advisor will charge you 1% or more annually to manage your wealth, and put you into effortless, vanilla investments... while they spend most of their time trying to acquire new clients rather than manage your hard-earned wealth.

We know it because we've seen it.

That means paying $1,000... $2,000... $5,000 a year or more, for lazy planning from a 9-5 drone, who's doing their time to put food on the table and maybe catch a daily round of afternoon golf. You've seen these people too I'm sure.

Dave is not one of these people. He's incredibly passionate about constantly finding the best investment opportunities for subscribers to Fat Pitch Fundamentals.

And instead of charging you a fee based on a percentage, which becomes more expensive as your portfolio scales-- Dave charges a flat fee for his research.


Stocks can crash for years... what if an investor doesn't have decades to wait for the perfect pitch?

Not everyone has the luxury of time, and yet so much of investment success comes from the waiting. Not everyone can afford to be wrong for so long. 

That's where a healthy allocation to bonds can really make the difference, and turn a losing year into a more comfortable ride. Having bonds in a portfolio shields your performance against crippling annual losses, while also providing dry powder for the bargain opportunities that can arise from the messes. 

But it's not black and white. 

The answers to these tough portfolio choices aren't always clear every single time.  That's why it pays to follow rationality over chaos, and conservative approaches versus emotionally charged justifications, with valuations that leave a margin of safety.

Introducing: Fat Pitch Fundamentals, the Asset Allocation Newsletter Published by IFB Equity

You're not alone in these thoughts, and Portfolio Manager Dave Ahern wants to help. In a world filled with instant gratification and contentious reactions, Dave takes a principled approach to the art of investment analysis-- finding superb businesses with fat profit margins, earnings power, and cash flows... but paying his price for them.

The market will only offer what it can offer on any given day, but what you choose to take from Mr. Market makes all of the difference.

By maintaining a portfolio with principled asset allocation in mind, Dave is NOT forced to purchase stocks that don't trade at attractive valuations. He's willing to wait, because he knows that's his competitive advantage. It can be yours too.

A subscription to the Fat Pitch Fundamentals newsletter will give you not just monthly portfolio recommendations and analysis, but a peace of mind that comes from the wisdom that the world's frenetic activity doesn't have to be yours-- and isn't required for success.

By finding only the best businesses to invest in, and conserving the wealth that you've worked so hard to build, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your money is being put to work in the greatest opportunities, but on your time and your terms.


When Opportunities Are Fleeting, Tenacity is Key

To resist the greed of the crowd, you must own an inner confidence, from the wisdom and mastery of understanding the fundamentals of long term investment success. 

Success and behavior go hand-in-hand, which is why the investors who constantly chase high returns watch their frantic efforts go to waste.

Building wealth from the stock market doesn't require high frequency trading, nor is that recommended. An investor who can wait for fine businesses to trade at attractive prices can hold steadfast with their investments through the toughest times. And it's after the turbulence that stocks can compound the greatest, but they must be held to be realized.

Every once in a while the market will become so manic, and a great stock so dirt cheap, that it becomes hard NOT to make money on it. That's what we wait for.


This is the No-Brainer Investment Opportunity 
of a Lifetime, for the Serious Investor 

But not only does Dave want to create a lasting, long term relationship for building and managing the wealth of his subscribers through a Model Portfolio, he also wanted to make this offer a fat pitch all on its own.

And so Dave has agreed to allow investors to subscribe to the service for $497/ year, a fraction of the monthly price for the investors willing to commit to the long term.

There's no guarantee that Dave will keep this offer up forever, and some of the best stock opportunities from the portfolio have escaped already.

That's why if you're serious about staying tenacious, and leaving a lasting impression on your portfolio through the right decisions-- this decision, right now, could be the one to change the course of the rest of your life. So don't delay it.

$49/Mo, Flat-fee. IFB Equity 30-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee.


The Asset Allocation Newsletter for Patient Investors.