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Look, if you’re trying to make decent wealth in the stock market, you’re gonna want to learn from the mistakes of the crowd and try to be a little bit better.

That little bit better can turn to a lot better returns… For example, 11% vs 10% per year returns over 40 years on just $10,000 is $650k vs $452k.  

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Key Benefits of the VTI

Teaching you how simple metrics like Earnings or Debt can give CONTEXT on any company's financials, to help uncover stocks with healthy business models and primed for long term gains.

Focusing on Health of the Business

Wall Street tends to follow earnings growth. But there are other parts to a business; Wall St. misses the bigger picture. The Value Trap Indicator helps you avoid the stocks that are statistically likely to underperform the market.

Backtested Formula: 4,000+ Stocks

The Value Trap Indicator formula has been backtested through a database of 4,000+ stocks during the strong bull market of the 2000s, and found to consistently identify stocks which underperformed the entire group.

Making Financial Statements Simple

You’ll be blown away at how using the VTI spreadsheet makes financial statements simple. And how it makes calculations that are one step ahead, without requiring hours of sifting through financial statements.


How does the editable Value Trap Indicator Excel spreadsheet work on stocks exactly?

The process involves pulling up a stock's financials and inputting the data into the VTI Excel spreadsheet file.

Once you've got a handle on it, it takes about 5 minutes to evaluate whether a stock is a Strong Sell. This has helped many investors learn the financials by doing.

Can I use this on non-U.S. stocks like  Canada, Australia or the UK?

Yes, as long as a company has publicly posted financial statements, you can use the Value Trap Indicator.

Most of the stocks in the major international exchanges like the FTSE and TSX fulfill this, but check carefully that this applies to your country.

What if any of these packages aren't right for me? Can I get my money back?

Absolutely. If you aren't completely satisfied for any reason, you may get a full refund in the first 30 days. 

Simply email [email protected] and I'll promptly refund your purchase.

“The finance industry relies on complexity and confusion in order to protect their own self interest - Andrew shatters that! His book makes financial investing simple and understandable. This book will help you protect your principal and grow your equity all while sleeping well each night."


Founder of The Investor's Podcast

Features of the VTI

Note from the author: This is a tool that I use personally, and have used since 2014, on every single stock I purchase and recommend to subscribers. --Andrew Sather

Implement the VTI formula

Access to a formula that you can use immediately on any stock with publicly posted financials to quickly evaluate the health of a business.

Extensive bankruptcy research

Complete examination of the 30 Biggest Bankruptcies of the 21st Century, with insights to the exact metrics that led most of them to fail.

Value Trap Protection

Ever seen a stock that was so cheap yet you felt nervous about its future? Limit value traps by avoiding the common symptoms of failure.

Find Margin of Safety stocks

Only buy stocks with a Margin of Safety, Emphasis on the Safety. "Ultimately, nothing should be more important to investors than the ability to sleep soundly at night." -- billionaire Seth Klarman

PDF book with Key Lessons

Read a book described as "very easy to understand" by many, with key lessons for any investor at any level *who wants to get into individual stocks*.

The VTI Packages

Find your road map to stock market success with an unparalleled tool and learning experience provided by the Value Trap Indicator.




Professionally recorded
Convenient .MP3 format
Over 3 hours of content
Includes .PDF book file


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✔ Download in .PDF format
✔ Complete VTI breakdown
✔ 12 bankruptcy analyses
✔ Charts, tables, and more


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✔ Editable VTI spreadsheet
✔ Full database: 30 bankruptcies
✔ Special "Curious Case" report
✔ Includes Book + Audio files


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Learn Financial Statements

Learn the valuable skill of evaluating stocks, a skill to use for life. The VTI forces you to dig into financials, but in an easy way. "You learn by doing, and by falling over" -- billionaire Richard Branson